Element HT5+

Reliable and fast!

The reliability of a reference laboratory in your clinic with Element HT5+!
Get a fast and complete blood count with 33 parameters including reticulocytes. Easy and fast reading of results from the analyzer screen. Histograms presence combined with the 3D view scattergram function allows you to obtain a visual representation of your results for an ever more accurate diagnosis.

Product omschrijving

Element HT5+: Fast, simple and efficient!

  • Large touchscreen.
  • Intuitive and quick-to-learn features for an accelerated workflow.
  • RFID reader integrated to the analyzer.
  • More than easy to install reagents.
  • Bidirectionality.
  • Create a request and manage the incoming patient data directly in your practise management software.

Element HT5+: Complete blood count in less than 2 minutes!

1. Enter data patient.
2. Aspirate sample.
3. Read the results.

Element HT5+: 3 technologies for accurate results!

Three state-of-the-art technologies are used in the analyzer to ensure highly accurate categorization and counting. Flow cytometry in combination with optical fluorescence (SF Cube) provides precise results of reticulocyte counting, leucocyte differentiation and optical detection of platelets. Accurate hemoglobin concentrations are detected using colorimetric photometry. The erythrocyte count is carried out using the proven impedance technology.

Element HT5+: SF Cube, a revolutionary technology!

The use of laser flow cytometry in combination with optical fluorescence provides unparalleled accuracy in counting leucocytes, platelets and reticulocytes. Thanks to fluorescence, the genetic material (DNA and RNA) is analyzed in order to increase the specificity of cell categorization and to avoid interferences linked in especially to platelet aggregates.

Element HT5+: Accurate detection of PLT count!

  • Optical platelets effectively reduce various interferences and ensure the counting accuracy of PLT.
  • Unique PLT-depolymerization function perfectly solves the false low PLT caused by PLT aggregates.

Element HT5+: Immature Reticulocytes Fraction (IRF)

Depending on the amount of RNA and therefore the degree of fluorescence emitted, reticulocytes are classified into different fractions: Low- (LFR), Medium- (MFR) and High-Fluorescence Reticulocytes (HFR). The MFR and HFR fractions represent the share of reticulocytes containing the largest amount of RNA: they are young and immature reticulocytes. The IRF parameter (Immature Reticulocytes Fraction) is thus defined as a reflection of the reticulocyte maturation process.